Las Vegas High Stakes Casinos at

Las Vegas High Stakes Casinos at

The penny tables have long attracted the more tentative tourists, but for casino owners, the serious money is with the high rollers. The Las Vegas resorts and casinos love and fear the big shots.

Sin City regales its celebrity gamblers, most of whom are known for their lavish spending in fine dining establishments, peppered by extreme bouts of Baccarat.

Fancy yourself a high roller? The class of gambler who can make or break a casino's bank roll is considered elite. You must have particularly trashy taste in fantasy suites, enjoy private jets on and off the Strip and you cannot leave home without your personal butler/chauffeur.

Most importantly, you're someone who can lay down $100,000 per bet or $500,000 per hour. Las Vegans call you a "whale" and it's true. You like things a little large.

Las Vegas High Stakes Casinos mapLas Vegas is dotted with High Stakes Casinos

A $5 million credit line isn't easy to come by, and any high roller knows you can't play the big rooms (the really, really big rooms) unless you're willing to move through $20 million a weekend. The high rollers’ game of choice: Baccarat, or as the French say, the "Chemin de Fer."

Some feel that Craps has the highest return and enjoy young beautiful women blowing on their dice. Real spenders won't spend much time on the casino floor, instead favoring private high stakes rooms or VIP areas of the resort. They develop elaborate taste in Blackjack dealers, are provided with 24 hour dining and hospitality services and usually leave Vegas with a fierce hangover.

If you are a high roller, here’s a list of Las Vegas High Stakes casinos (in alphabetical order):